A view from Ediz Hook

A view from Ediz Hook
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North Coast Hot Jobs Sep. 25th

Hello job seekers. If you find any links that don't send you where they should, then let me know. Here is the link to this week's North Coast Hot Jobs listing, https://www.scribd.com/document/359768352/North-Coast-Hot-Jobs-Sep-25

At this moment, there are five jobs open with the Post Office in Port Townsend and Sequim. I have worked with the Post Office before. Here is some job info. 

   1. There are four entry level type jobs;
      A. City Carrier Assistant. Starts out about $16-$17/hr. Not a permanent job until a spot opens up. Someone leaves or retires. Then you become a City Carrier.
      B. Assistant Rural Carrier. Starts out about $17-$18/hr. Not a post service career job. Contracted work. Deliver in the outlying areas.
      C. Sales and Distribution Associate. Starts out at about $16-$17/hr. Work in the back of the post office. Early start time and very busy. Some work the counter and have regular hours.
      D. Custodian. About $14/hr. Veteran’s preference job.
   2. You can take the test for each job at the Bremerton airfield. No more traveling to I-5 corridor to take a test for a job you may not get. Tests are free. Work on memorization skills if taking test for mail delivery.
   3. New employees can expect to work six days a week. Some even work 7 days a week with the Amazon Sundaydelivery. Cry all the way to the bank.
   4. Talk with an employee about the work attitude at that post office before applying. Some bad ones.
   5. The federal government is always interested in hiring minorities.
   6. If you don’t get the job you applied for, they know about you now and keep applying.
   7. This can be a good career for someone who is willing to work when needed.

If you know of any Alaskan Native or Native American that has physical or mental disabilities and is having a hard time looking for work, ask them to contact me at 360-460-7549. We have two counselors that could help you.

Jim Allen, MBA, Vet
Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor

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