A view from Ediz Hook

A view from Ediz Hook
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North Coast Hot Jobs Apr 28

Hello job seekers. We are approaching the end of April. For some of you landscapers, April is the growing season and May is when the real work starts. April showers bring May flowers?  :-)  Anyways, here is the link to this week's North Coast Hot Jobs listing, http://www.scribd.com/doc/220571313/North-Coast-Hot-Jobs-Apr-28-2014

The Post Office continues to post job openings. They have two this week. As I have stated before, they have an issue with the second part of their application process here. They want you to go to the I-5 corridor to take an exam. This exam takes about 4 - 6 hours. It is a group exam with separate components. Yes, I have taken this exam before. Between 7 to 10 years ago, the Post Office had a one-time deal where they had the exam in some large building in Sequim. There was a significant amount of applicants from here taking the test. Anyways, maybe someone should suggest to the Post Office that they do this again. This would supply them with a pool of applicants to draw upon when the need arises to hire someone. The Vern Burton center in Port Angeles could be a good location for this event, mainly because it is a center point between Port Townsend/Port Hadlock areas and the Pacific coast communities. Presently, it might be considered too much of a gamble for someone to spend about $100 bucks or more to go take this exam, possibly lose a day at work for a job that may not pan out.

Veterans Stand Down out at Forks on the 1st of May. Transportation is available. Contact WorkSource for more information.

That's all for this week. Have a good one.

North Coast Hot Jobs Apr. 21

Hello job seekers. Here is the link to the latest North Coast Hot Jobs listing, http://www.scribd.com/doc/219291800/North-Coast-Hot-Jobs-Apr-21-2014

If you are an outdoors type, the Washington Conservation Corps is looking for a Crew Supervisor. $2,482.00 - $3,213.00 Monthly. This is a project duration job. This means it only lasts a certain time period.

The Olympic Medical Center continues to have a steady amount of available entry level and lower proficiency level jobs each week. Check out what they have available here, http:// www.olympicmedical.org/default.aspx?ID=16

Not too much activity in the newspapers online job wise. Just so you know, certain newspapers in the area are charging per online view now.

Have a good one.

North Coast Hot Jobs Apr. 14, 2014

Hello Job Seekers and welcome to Monday. First off, here is the link to this week's North Coast Hot Jobs listing, http://www.scribd.com/doc/217960903/North-Coast-Hot-Jobs-Apr-14-2014

February's unemployment rates in this state have been posted. Clallam County is at 9.8% and Jefferson County is at 9.4%. In addition, Island County is at 8.3% and Kitsap County is at 7.1%. The best place to get work is along the I-5 corridor. For example, Snohomish County is at 6.0% and King County is at 5.2%.

There continues to be jobs listed for the Post Office in this region. However, the second part of the job application process takes place down the I-5 corridor. So, if you wish to apply for a Post Office job, then be prepared to dish out at least $100 bucks for gas, ferry and meals. This seems like quite an investment for a job that you may not even be considered for.

If you are a person with an education and/or experience in social work, the state has three openings in that field. Two in Port Townsend and a more advanced job opening in Port Angeles.

The Port Townsend paper mill has openings for Entry Level Extra Boards. This could be a good opportunity. Pay is $14.53/hour at first, then rises to $16.42/hour after the 60 day probation period.

I separated the medical/retirement listings.

That's all I have this week. Have a good one and good luck in the job hunting.

North Coast Hot Jobs Apr. 7, 2014

Hello job seekers. So, this is the first week of publishing the new North Coast Hot Jobs listing on Monday, instead of Friday. This gives me the weekend to work on it. So without further ado, here is the link http://www.scribd.com/doc/216656982/North-Coast-Hot-Jobs-Apr-7-2014

The format has changed a little. The web address for the organization's job listing is displayed next to the organization's name in the job list. Also, instead of showing the whole hyperlink (which could be long), I just created a link in the words "Apply here" for each job.

Seven Materials Handler jobs in Port Hadlock at the Indian Island facility will be closing today, April 7th. These seven jobs are good paying jobs. If you are a vet with a security clearance still intact, you should apply ASAP. $18.83 to $23.47 / Per Hour.

The state has four new job openings this week. Three are at the Clallam Bay Correctional Facility. They are Classification Counselor, Safety Officer and Administrative Assistant.

Interfor has two new openings for a Filer at the Port Angeles and Beaver facilities.

The Peninsula Daily News and the Port Townsend Leader continue to post many new jobs each week.

Have a good one.