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A view from Ediz Hook
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North Coast Hot Jobs Feb. 23

Hello job seekers. Here is the link to this week's North Coast Hot Jobs listing, https://www.scribd.com/doc/256594083/North-Coast-Hot-Jobs-Feb-23-2015

So, Albertson's in Port Angeles is now Haggen's. Not sure how to pronounce that yet. The store looks a little more rustic. However, there is not too much change yet. The prices seem to be the same, so far. They also seem to be selling some stuff at a low price, because they want to sell other stuff in it's place. For example, some of the bread is being replaced with a Haggen labeled bread.

The Employment Security Department, which WorkSource is a part of, has some interesting job openings. They are called Career Pathway Navigators. They help connect educated career minded individuals with employers. Almost like a state sponsored head hunter. They also act as a liaison between local colleges and businesses to get them on the same page. This way they are not graduating too much of a certain skillset that has no future in the local area.

These Career Pathway Navigators will be stationed in certain areas, like King County or Pierce County. In some cases, a Career Pathway Navigator's responsibility will encompass multiple areas. For example, the Career Pathway Navigator slot for this area will cover the Clallam, Jefferson and Kitsap counties. I am not too sure about putting Kitsap county in the same category as Clallam and Jefferson county. Kitsap county appears to have more of a military influence and a major shipyard area, it has 2.5 times the population of Jefferson and Clallam county combined and their unemployment rate is much lower. Personally, I think they should have combined Jefferson and Clallam county with Grays Harbor county. The demographics and business makeups are very similar between these areas.

This could be an opportunity for a voice to be heard from the high unemployment areas of Clallam and Jefferson counties. This depends on where this person will be based out of.

That's all for this week. Have a good one.

North Coast Hot Jobs Feb. 16

Hello job seekers. As I said last week, I am working again. I am job developing and job coaching. Enough about me, here is the link to this week's North Coast Hot Jobs listing, https://www.scribd.com/doc/255849413/North-Coast-Hot-Jobs-Feb-16-2015

So, last week I mentioned that the Postal Service Exam 473, which pretty much covers all postal job openings, even custodial, can now be taken in Bremerton at the Avian Flight complex at the airport. I don't want to take credit for it, but last year I sent out emails to any regional USPS contact I could find, complaining about having to travel to the I-5 corridor, spending up to $100 bucks, for a test that may not guarantee me a job.... By the way, the test itself is free and it is proctored by certain qualified testing facilities.

As some of you have heard, there has been another major event in the regional grocery store business community. A relatively unknown, but long-lived, grocery outlet chain called Haggen has purchased some Albertson and Safeway stores. Click here for some more info. The Albertsons store in Port Angeles is affected. I have not heard anything about the regional Safeway stores. Anyways, the Port Angeles store will be closed for a couple of days to make the changeover to Haggen. They will be closed Monday to Thursday this week, I believe.

Ok, that's all for this week. Have a good one.

North Coast Hot Jobs Feb. 9

Hello job seekers. I am working now, so I can't start off with "Hello fellow job seekers." Anyways, the latest North Coast Hot Jobs listing is posted here, https://www.scribd.com/doc/255113697/North-Coast-Hot-Jobs-Feb-9-2015

So, apparently Radio Shack is going bankrupt. Too bad, since I was an electronics technician at another time, I always thought they had some cool stuff there. I guess all the stores won't be closing, but the ones that will be closing are having liquidation sales. Here's a link to more info on the Radio Shack bankruptcy, http://money.cnn.com/2015/02/05/news/companies/radioshack-bankruptcy/.  Here is a link to which Radio Shack stores will be closing, http://graphics.wsj.com/shuttering-the-shacks/. You will have to zoom into your location. Looks like the one in Port Angeles will not be affected. At least for now.

There have been many job openings listed in "Indeed" for Port Angeles for a company called Harbor Freight Tools. Check out this Indeed link for more info on these jobs, http://www.indeed.com/jobs?as_and=&as_phr=&as_any=&as_not=&as_ttl=&as_cmp=&jt=all&st=&salary=&radius=25&l=Port+Angeles%2C+WA&fromage=7&limit=10&sort=&psf=advsrch

Found out you don't have to go to the I-5 corridor to take the Postal Exam now. There is a location in Bremerton now, next to their airport. The test is supervised by a company called Avian Flight.

Ok, that's all for now. Have a good one.

North Coast Hot Jobs Feb. 2

Hello fellow job seekers. Here is the link to this week's North Coast Hot Jobs listing, https://www.scribd.com/doc/254396806/North-Coast-Hot-Jobs-Feb-2-2015

Over the years there have been a couple of items that I use to sort of gauge the economy in this area. I watch the WorkSource job listings. When the Clallam County listings get over 250, then the economy is picking up. As of this posting, there is 291. I also watch the Peninsula Daily News job listings. When there is at least three pages in the Sunday listings, then the economy is getting better here. As of now, there is four pages.

Here are some unemployment rates by county in the local area for the month of December 2014.
State                 6.3%
Clallam            9.3%
Jefferson         8.6%
Kitsap              6.2%
Island               7.5%
King                  4.1%
Snohomish      4.5%
Pierce                7.2%
Grays Harbor 10.6%

Have a good one and good luck job hunting.