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Weekly Featured Jobs (Newly posted and mostly full-time jobs) from the North Coast Hot Jobs listing

Posted July 6, 2016. This week's featured job is in four local locations. Port Angeles, Sequim, Port Ludlow and Port Townsend. Direct TV is hiring four Satellite Installation Techs. Pay is good at $19.14/hr starting. Electronics knowledge would be very helpful. You can expect to work on roofs and under houses in all kinds of weather. You would usually be working by yourself, so safety is a big concern. If I was younger, I would be doing this work. If you are interested, then apply here

Posted June 8, 2016. This week's featured job is actually a location. The Olympic Medical Center has many, many job openings. There is over 60 job openings, not counting the nurse and doctor job openings. If you are interested in working at the hospital in Port Angeles, then apply here

Posted May 31, 2016. This week's featured job is a Revenue Agent with the Dept. of Revenue. Pay is good from $2941 - $3838 per month. Be careful if you get a call from them. They may give you an impromptu phone interview. If you are interested in the Revenue Agent job opening, the apply here.

Posted May 8, 2016. This week's featured job is a Grounds and Nursery Specialist 4 with the Dept. of Corrections in Clallam Bay. This job is basically an advanced landscaper opening. Pay is $2651 to $3433 per month. If you are interested, then apply here

Posted May 2, 2016. This week's featured job is Utility Worker for the city of Port Angeles. This job requires some construction and maintenance background, preferably in concrete, asphalt and other stuff. Pay is very good at $19.90/hour. If you are interested, then apply here

Posted May 25. This week's featured job is a Transfer Station Laborer/Spotter. This is with Waste Connections at the Port Angeles Transfer Station. So, if working with garbage doesn't bother you and you are looking for full time work, then apply here

Posted May 17. This week's featured job is an Employment Specialist. This is similar to what I do. This is for an organization called Skookum and is located in Port Townsend. You will be working with individuals with barriers to help them get employed. If this is something you are interested in doing, then apply here

Posted May 9. This week's featured job is a Human Resource Consultant Assistant 2. This is an entry level job into the specialty of Human Resources. A person in this field can be employed by many types of businesses. Little education is required for this position. Pay is $2724 - $3549 per month and it is located in Clallam Bay. If you are interested, apply here

Posted Apr. 27. This week's featured job is an Administrative Assistant with Clallam Transit. The first thing that caught my eye was the pay. $42,733 - $57,471. That is very, very good pay for this field and in this area. If you are interested, apply here

Posted Apr. 20. This week's featured job is two of the same job in one location. There are two night shift Custodian jobs with the Sequim School District. These are both full-time with wages from $16 to $22 per hour. After you follow the link I will give you, click on the "click to view current job openings" link. Then click on the job and to the right you can view the job details or apply. If you are interested, apply here

Posted Apr. 13. This week's featured job is a Customer Service Rep for the Jefferson PUD. Good pay with utility companies. The job description says this is an entry level job, but it also states at least four years clerical experience is required. If you have the stuff for this job, apply here

Posted Apr. 6. This week's featured job is a host of jobs from LaPush. They have many jobs open out there. This list of jobs includes customer service reps, maintenance people, police officer, housekeeping, accounting assistant and TANF case manager. If you are interested, then apply here

Posted Mar. 30. This week's featured job is actually three jobs. QFC has a Grocery Clerk job position open at their Sequim, Port Townsend and Port Hadlock stores. If you are interested, then apply here

Posted Mar. 16. this week's featured job is out at the west end again, in Clallam Bay at the prison. They are looking for a full-time Administrative Assistant. This is a good steady state job with a pay range of $2,631 to $3,420. If you feel you have good paper pushing skills, then apply here

Posted Mar. 9. This week's featured job is in Clallam Bay and Forks (Clearwater). Maintenance Worker job with the Dept. of Interior. $20.32 to $26.61/hr. This is full-time permanent. This is a good opportunity for two people out there on the west end. Apply here

Posted Mar. 1. Long time since the last post here. Anyways the Pepsi-Cola bottling company on Valley Street in Port Angeles is looking for hard working individuals that can lift heavy loads, like keggers. They want you to apply in person at 311 S. Valley St. This job is posted at the PDN.

Posted Nov. 3. This week's featured job is at East Jefferson Habitat for Humanity. They need an Office Manager. They want someone with an administrative and technological background. Salary is $30,000 to $35,000. If you are interested, apply here

Posted Oct. 27. This week's featured job is at Westport Shipyard in Port Angeles. Material Handler is an entry level type job that interacts with all other jobs. Contact with other jobs can help the person that gets this job, to identify what other jobs at the shipyard that they would be interested in. A lot of potential here. If you are interested, apply here

Posted Oct. 20. This week's featured job is for a Conservation Enforcement Officer. This job is listed by the Lower Elwha Tribe. It is an outdoors type job that pays between $16 and $20 per hour. You will be spending a considerable amount of time on the water. The main thing I want to point out is that there is a 5 year contract. The job description does not go into detail about that. Anyways, if you are interested then apply here

Posted Oct. 6. This week's featured job is eight jobs in one place. Home Depot is hiring. This would have been a good opportunity to have a hiring event. Nonetheless, the jobs available are; Department Supervisor, Cashier, Customer Service/Deliveries, Kitchen/Bath Designer, Office/Store Support, Operations, Sales/Customer Service and Merchandising. When you go to their job site, select job type "In-store hourly" and in the Zip block, type in the Sequim zip code of "98382." To go to that job site, apply here

Posted Sep. 29. This week's featured job is five jobs of one type. The Port Angeles School District has five para-educator openings. Hours range from two to seven hours per day during the school year. So, if you are interested in working with individuals with barriers and challenges, then you need to apply here

Posted Sep. 22. This week's featured job is three jobs with one company. The Oak Bay Animal Hospital has three job openings. A receptionist. veterinary technician and veterinary assistant. Visit their website to check them out here, http://www.oakbayanimalhospital.com/. If you are still interested, then apply here

Posted Sep. 15. This week's featured job is with the Sequim Police Department. The job opening is called a Police Specialist. This is a clerical/property management type job. Expect a thorough background check for this job. Pay is good at $18.79 per hour. IMPORTANT, this job is not open until the end of the year, but this gives them adequate time to get all their paperwork and interviews conducted. Closing date is Sep. 26. Apply here

Posted Sep. 8. This week's featured job is with the Clallam County PUD. Meter Reader II. This job starts out at $20.79 per hour and increases $27.71 over a year and a half. Pretty good wages if you ask me. However, there are some dangers with being a meter reader. Here's some more info at this link, http://www.nwitimes.com/news/local/the-danger-of-being-a-meter-reader/article_e4947cc2-2279-5ce3-b217-522f2b55b49a.html. Closing date is Sep. 18. Apply here

Posted Sep. 1. This week's featured job is a Medical Records Clerk at Crestwood Convalescent Center. If you feel you can push papers, enter data and perform receptionist duties, then this is the job for you. They didn't list the wages for this job, but you can get a general idea at the pay for this type of job at this link, http://www.glassdoor.com/Salaries/medical-records-clerk-salary-SRCH_KO0,21.htm. If you are interested, apply here.

Posted Aug. 24. This week's featured job is the many jobs that opened up at the Olympic Medical Center in Port Angeles this week. They include Patient Account Representative, Patient Access Service Representative, Credit Balance Audit Specialist, Centralized Scheduler and Patient Financial Services Representative (four openings). These are low skill level jobs with a respectable pay. Apply here

Posted Aug. 17. This week's featured job is with the Jefferson Chamber of Commerce. They are looking for a manager for their Port Townsend Visitor Information Center. This is a full-time salaried job (no money amount posted) that closes on Aug. 20. So, get your job application material in soon. Apply here

Posted Aug. 11. This week's featured job is with GoWireless. This company is the local provider for wireless companies such as Verizon. They have an opening in Sequim for a Retail Assistant Store Manager. They want you to apply online. Apply here

Posted Aug. 4. This week's featured job is at Westport, which is hiring again since they got purchased by another company. One job they are looking to fill is called Finish Fiberglass/Top Coat. They prefer to have someone who has fiberglass experience, but this is basically an entry level. If you are looking to get your foot in the door at Westport, then this would be a good starting point. Apply here

Posted July 28. This week's featured job is actually two similar jobs working for the same organization. The Port Angeles School District has two custodian jobs available. One at the high school and the other at Roosevelt elementary school. These jobs are only during the school year. Pay is dependent on your education and experience, but could be around $24,000 per year according to this link, http://www.indeed.com/salary?q1=custodian&l1=washington. Apply here

Posted July 21. This week's featured job is actually three jobs in one place. Waste Connections is looking for three drivers. One requires a Class A license (Long Haul Driver). Another needs a Class B license (Rural Garbage Truck Driver) and the last one doesn't state that it requires a special truck driving license, but I am sure it requires at least a basic drivers license anyways. Here's a link to some Waste Management salaries, http://www.glassdoor.com/Salary/Waste-Management-Salaries-E2094.htm. Apply here

Posted July 14. This week's featured job is at Peninsula College. They are looking for an Office Assistant 2. The duties are typical front office duties. The salary is $2016 to $2663 per month. This comes to $14 to $16 per hour. Apply here

Posted July 7. An opportunity for someone with retail experience and knowledgeable in high tech stuff has opened at the Office Depot in Sequim. The job is Store Manager I. The average salary of this type of job is listed here, http://www.glassdoor.com/Salary/Office-Depot-Store-Manager-Salaries-E1723_D_KO13,26.htm. Apply here

Posted June 29. For any of you I.T. people out there, First Federal is looking for a Help Desk Technician. This sort of position is typically entry level. However, if you have some sort of paid or intern experience, this would be helpful. Help Desk salaries can bounce all over the place. Here is some examples of salaries, http://www.glassdoor.com/Salaries/help-desk-technician-salary-SRCH_KO0,20.htm. Apply here

Posted June 24. Park View Villas in Port Angeles is hiring for a  Program Manager. This person would preferably have experience working with seniors and have a good working knowledge of scheduling activities for them. Apply here

Posted June 16. This week, the spotlight is not just on one or two jobs. The Olympic Medical Center in Port Angeles has added six job openings this week. Behavioral Health Intervention Specialist, Social Work Case Manager, Clinical Exercise Specialist, Imaging Services Rep, Oncology Rep and Program Assistant. Apply here

Posted June 9. Northwest Eye Surgeons in Sequim has a job opening for a Surgery Coordinator. No salary is posted, but Payscale.com has an approximate salary of $17/hr at http://www.payscale.com/research/US/Job=Refractive_Surgery_Coordinator/Hourly_Rate. If you are interested in this job, apply here

Posted June 1. Waste Connections in Port Angeles has a need for a garbage truck driver. This can be a physical job, but the pay is good at $17.60/hour to start. This job has been open at least a week, so you should apply now. Don't wait until tomorrow. Apply here

Posted May 26. Interfor continues to have two Filer positions opened. One at the Beaver mill and one in Port Angeles. Pay rates for these jobs can vary. This link has some approximate values, http://www.payscale.com/research/US/Job=Saw_Filer/Hourly_Rate. If you are interested in the Beaver mill job, apply here. If you are interested in the Port Angeles mill job, apply here

Posted May 18. Albertsons in Port Angeles is looking for an Assistant Manager. The hours and wages are not stated, but it is in the Grocery, Drug and Fresh Departments. An approximate salary for this position is located here, http://www.glassdoor.com/Salary/Albertsons-Salaries-E22.htm. If you are interested in this job, apply here

Posted May 4. DSHS has another opening. This is for a Financial Services Specialist in Forks. Pay is $2426.00 to $3918.00 per month. These state jobs are usually stable and have good benefits. The negative aspect for some people could be dealing with sometimes unhappy customers. There will be some training that will take the successful applicant away from their home for periods of time. Apply here

Posted May 4. The non-profit organization Centrum in Port Townsend is looking for a Finance Associate. This is an entry level opening paying $12.00 - $14.50 per hour. Apply here

Posted Apr. 27. The Port Angeles DSHS has another job opening. This one is for an Office Assistant 2. Salary is $2,016.00 - $2,598.00 per month. Qualifications are pretty basic. The closing date is May 7. This is a good chance to get your foot in the door at DSHS that could lead to other opportunities. More info here, Apply here

Posted Apr. 22. The Port Angeles DSHS job has a job opening for an Administrative Assistant 3. Closing date is May 4. More info here, Apply here

Posted Apr. 22. The city of Port Angeles has two admin type jobs. They both close on Apr. 28, so time is short. They are a Financial and Administrative Analyst and an Administrative Assistant. More info here, http://www.cityofpa.us/humanresourcesOpen.htm 

Posted Apr. 14. Interfor is looking for a Filer for their Port Angeles and Beaver mills. This is a foot into the mill business. More info here, http://www.interfor.com/careers/

Posted Apr. 14. The Port Townsend paper mill is hiring extra board workers. The pay is $14.53/hour starting. After a 60 day probation period, the pay jumps to $16.42/hour. More info here, http://www.ptpc.com/hr/job_Entry_Level_Spare_Board.htm

Posted Mar. 2. The Olympic Medical Center is looking for a Central Billing Office Manager. This is a full-time job located in Port Angeles. This person would be managing the daily operations of the billing office. No salary was posted, but other salaries for this type of job can be found here, http://www.glassdoor.com/Salaries/billing-manager-salary-SRCH_KO0,15.htm 

Posted Mar. 2. The Washington State Department of Natural Resources is looking for a Dispatcher/Receptionist - Office Assistant 3. This job is in Forks, is full-time and pays between $25,000 and $45,000 per year. They prefer someone with experience working in an office and lives within 30 minutes from Forks. Go to careers.wa.gov for more info.

Posted Feb. 21. The Quileute Nation in LaPush has an opening for a Program Manager to oversee the food bank and food distribution program. Salary is approximately $35,000 - $37,000. This job opening closes on Mar. 3.

Posted Feb. 21. The Olympic Medical Center is looking for a Centralized Scheduler. Two years experience in an office setting is preferred. This opening is in the Diagnostic department.

Posted Feb. 21. The Sequim Health and Rehab Center has an opening for a Referral Manager. A bachelor's degree in marketing or an equivalent is preferred, but not required. Some experience is required. The salary is not posted on the job description, but a ballpark figure can be found here, http://www.careerbliss.com/extendicare/salaries/referral-manager/.

Posted Feb. 16. The Olympic Medical Center in Port Angeles has a new opening for a Meal Service Representative. This is a full-time job from 7am - 7pm apparently. The specific days were not specified. Food handling and customer service skills are desired. More information can be found here, http://www.olympicmedical.org/default.aspx?ID=16

Posted Feb. 16. Creative Living Services in Port Townsend is looking for a Residential Manager. No hours or job closing date is stated in the job description. A sample of salaries for this organization can be found here, http://www.careerbliss.com/rescare/salaries/. This new job is listed under Creative Living Services (#20) in the North Coast Hot Jobs listing.

Posted Feb. 16. Jefferson County is looking for an Administrative Assistant. The hours are 24 - 40 hours per week. Closing date is Feb. 24. Wages are $15.54 to $16.63 per hour with benefits. Here is the link, http://www.co.jefferson.wa.us/commissioners/employment.asp

Posted Feb. 1. The Port Townsend Leader newspaper continues to have a significant amount of new job postings this week. See the jobs listings under heading 57, Port Townsend Leader jobs.

Posted Feb. 1. Two Para educator jobs opened up in the Port Angeles school district. They both are for over 6 hours per day for the duration of the school year. They close on Feb. 3. If you have the ability and experience working with disabled individuals, then go to these two links, http://www.portangelesschools.org/administration/jobs-detail.html?id=2715 & http://www.portangelesschools.org/administration/jobs-detail.html?id=2712 There is another at the Sequim school district posted here, http://www.sequim.k12.wa.us/Page/130

Posted Feb. 1. Office Depot continues to have some job openings. Possibly due to an increase in business activity as a result of Staples pulling out of the area. They just added two sales consultant openings. Here are the links,
http://jobs.officedepot.com/sequim/retail/jobid4865994-sales-consultant-jobs & http://jobs.officedepot.com/sequim/retail/jobid4858460-sales-consultant-jobs

Posted Feb. 1. For those paper pushers, there is an Administrative Assistant opening with the Korean Women's Association in Sequim. The hours and closing dates are not posted. Go to this link for more info, http://www.kwacares.org/jobs/administrative-assistant/

Posted Feb. 1. There is two Postal Service job openings. One in Port Angeles and the other in Sequim. They are both Rural Carrier Associate openings. You might have to take two tests. One online and one out of the area. Don't know why they do it that way. Seems to make these jobs exclusive to those that can go out of the area to take another test. Consult this week's job listing under heading number 12, United States Postal Service.

Posted Feb. 1. There are numerous Forest Service full-time temporary jobs open until Feb. 3 in Clallam and Jefferson counties. Some are forest fire related. Too many to post here so refer to this week's jobs listing under heading number 10, Federal Government.

Posted Jan. 17. Clallam County has an opening for a Legal Assistant. $20.00 to $24.37 per hour. 37.5 hours per week (7 1/2 hours per day). Make sure all documents are assembled and completed. Drop it off at their human resources office. Don't forget to get the notary to stamp and sign one document. There is a notary public at WorkSource. More job info here, http://www.clallam.net/HumanResources/JobListings.html and here, http://websrv7.clallam.net/forms/uploads/2014-01-16_2014_07_LgAs_PKT.pdf

Posted Jan. 17. Clallam County has an opening for a Maintenance Worker I. $17.24 to $21.01 per hour. 37.5 hours per week (7 1/2 hrs per day). There is a lot of paperwork involved for these county jobs so make sure you have it all assembled before the due date. Your best bet is to just drop it off at their human resources office. Don't forget to have the Personal History document notarized. That can be done at WorkSource. More info here, http://www.clallam.net/HumanResources/JobListings.html

Posted Jan. 17. The City of Port Angeles has an opening for a Recreation Youth and Family Coordinator. Salary is 3,095 - $3,694 per month. A Bachelors of Arts Degree in Park and Recreation Administration, Recreation, Physical Education, Leisure Services or closely related field is a minimum requirement. More info is here, http://www.cityofpa.us/PDFs/HR/EXT-%20Rec%20Coord%201-14.pdf. Application info is here, http://www.cityofpa.us/humanresourcesOpen.htm
 Posted Dec. 27, Interfor has two professional type jobs that have been listed for a few months. One is a Continuous Improvement Technician and the other is an Environmental Health & Safety Coordinator. One is here, https://interfor-openhire.silkroad.com/epostings/index.cfm?fuseaction=app.jobinfo&jobid=154&source=ONLINE&JobOwner=992334&company_id=30057&version=1&byBusinessUnit=NULL&bycountry=0&bystate=0&byRegion=NULL&bylocation=NULL&keywords=&byCat=NULL&proximityCountry=&postalCode=&radiusDistance=&isKilometers=&tosearch=yes and the other is here, https://interfor-openhire.silkroad.com/epostings/index.cfm?fuseaction=app.jobinfo&jobid=165&source=ONLINE&JobOwner=992367&company_id=30057&version=1&byBusinessUnit=NULL&bycountry=0&bystate=0&byRegion=NULL&bylocation=NULL&keywords=&byCat=NULL&proximityCountry=&postalCode=&radiusDistance=&isKilometers=&tosearch=yes

Posted Dec. 25, Referral Manager for Crestwood Health and Rehabilitation Center out of Port Angeles. They are looking for someone with a background in sales and marketing with an emphasis on healthcare. Bachelor's degree preferred, but not required. Two plus years in healthcare also preferred. More info here, https://wfa.kronostm.com/index.jsp?SRCSEQ=postingSearchResults&locale=en_US&applicationName=ExtendicareReqExt&SEQ=jobDetails&POSTING_ID=48520858674

Posted Dec. 25, Human Resources Generalist for First Federal in Port Angeles. This is an introductory type job in human resources and an associates degree in business related curriculum is required. More info here, https://home.eease.adp.com/recruit2/?id=7594441&t=1

Posted Dec. 25, Logistics Specialist for Office Depot in Sequim. They are looking for someone with stocking and sorting experience that could operate the freight sorting facilities. More info here, http://jobs.officedepot.com/sequim/retail/jobid4667097-logistics-specialist-jobs.

Customer Service Rep 1 job out of Port Townsend working with Jefferson PUD. This is an entry level job. More info here, http://www.jeffpud.org/wp-content/uploads/2013/11/Job_Description_CSR_1.pdf and here, http://www.jeffpud.org/employment-opportunities/ 

Court Clerk I job working for Clallam County. Pay is $15.62 to $19.03 per hour and 22 hours per week with benefits. This is the first level of three levels in this classification. More info here, http://websrv7.clallam.net/forms/uploads/_2013_51_CCI_PKT.pdf
and http://www.clallam.net/HumanResources/JobListings.html

Social Services Assistant job with Sequim Health and Rehab Ctr. This location is part of Extendicare which also owns Crestwood Convalescent Center is P.A. More info here, https://wfa.kronostm.com/index.jsp?SRCSEQ=postingSearchResults&locale=en_US&applicationName=ExtendicareReqExt&SEQ=jobDetails&POSTING_ID=48990673387