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A view from Ediz Hook
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North Coast Hot Jobs May 12

First of all, Happy Belated Mother's Day to all that applies to. Next, here is the link to this week's North Coast Hot Jobs, http://www.scribd.com/doc/223418135/North-Coast-Hot-Jobs-May-12-2014. The reason why the jobs listing is posted on scribd, is because it is free. In addition, this blogsite, also free, does not have the capacity to post downloadable documents. So, I have to combine the use of two free services.

Seattle continues to move forward with it's plan to increase the minimum wage there to $15 per hour for all workers. This will take place over the course of three or seven years. More info here, http://blog.seattlepi.com/seattlepolitics/2014/05/01/murray-unveils-15-minimum-wage-plan-historic-moment-for-seattle/#22762101=0/. With the unemployment rate sitting at a very low 5.2% in King County, it is understandable that this is happening. When unemployment rates begin to get low, the available labor in the area gets shallower and employers become concerned about keeping their current employers as well as looking for more employers from other areas. As a result, pay goes up. If Seattle didn't take steps to attract employees, then employers might decide to move their businesses in areas where there is a larger available labor force. However, other businesses might move because the minimum wage is going up there. So, all this activity is happening because we are in the process of leaving an employer's market and entering an employee's market. At least in certain locations anyways. Not in Jefferson and Clallam counties.

We are having a surge of available state jobs in the area. Seven new state jobs have been added to the North Coast Hot Jobs listing. At this moment, there are twenty state jobs open in Clallam and Jefferson counties.

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  1. i cannot access the Hot Jobs for this week by either link....it just loops me back around to this page


    Worksource Jefferson County

  2. Deb, click on this link, http://www.scribd.com/doc/223418135/North-Coast-Hot-Jobs-May-12-2014

  3. Or copy and paste that same link address into your web browser. Here it is again, http://www.scribd.com/doc/223418135/North-Coast-Hot-Jobs-May-12-2014